Monday, September 2, 2013

9/2/2013 Dolphin and missing Gopro camera, Please Help!

We caught 12 dolphin today, 5 nice keepers. 20 miles off shore.  While leaving sand sprit park, my Gopro camera fell off the back of the boat in the parking lot. If anyone found or has any information to help me find my camera please call 772-528-2916. There is a nice reward. Thank you!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stuart Florida Fishing Report, 15 nice size Dolphin

We Started our day by taking the last few baits from the bait guy at sand sprit park. We also loaded up with greenies just outside the inlet in 30ft of water. Then we headed East where we found some large weed mats and a piece of bamboo in 600ft of water. We were able to pic up 15 nice size dolphin. It was a good day on the water. It makes you feel good when you can feed friend and family and put a little away for the winter. I will be posting a go-pro video of the action soon.

Capt. Joel Teague and crew

Saturday, August 3, 2013

9 Dophin, one bull. 8/3/2013 Fishing Report, Saint lucie county. Stuart fishing report

Even though tropical depression Dorian was forming over the top of  us, we were able to catch 9 dolphin with one small bull. We started out at Jensen beach causeway, throwing my new 8ft net that I just bought from Freddy at the Snook nook the night before. We were able to get a couple dozen mullets and several pin fish. We then headed to the bull shark to see if I could pick up a few sardines before I headed off. With little luck at the bull shark, we ran south looking for more bait and keeping a close  eye on the storm that was forming over us. The weather seemed like it was deteriorating, so we went In Jupiter inlet and pulled up to the sand bar where we caught more bait and did a little inshore fishing. After that, we decided to take one last peek out the inlet before heading back north and low and behold it started to lay down. We pushed east  where we spotted birds on a turtle and found a school of  large dolphin. I was in the crow's-nest throwing artificial at them, they were not interested one bit. They just seemed to disappear, so we pushed on. After about five more miles, I spotted more birds doing the dolphin flutter. I new we were in fishy water. Then we spotted a 40ft plastic 6in drain pipe, within seconds we had are first dolphin on. Within 20 min we had 9 of the eleven dolphin, one was a small bull. Great day on the water!

700ft se saint Lucie inlet
Saint Lucie and Martin county
crew- Capt. Joel Teague
          Arden miller
          Jarod  miller
          Charlie Lewis

Saturday, July 27, 2013

7/27/2013 fishing Report, Stuart florida, 28 Dolphin, 20 keepers and one bull.

28 dolphin caught, 20 keepers.
800ft, east of St Lucie Inlet
Average size-23-24in to the fork.
Cut bait and ballyhoo
Crew. Joel Teague
          Charlie Lewis
The water was Gorgeous and a small loggerhead swam under the boat at a favorite bait spot.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fishing report 06/08/13. Dolphin, Black fin, and Albacore Tuna

Even though we had a tropical storm and tornados forming around us, we managed to catch 4 dolphin and 9 tuna off marathon key. I get down to the keys the first week in June every year in hopes of filling a small freezer full of dolphin and snapper. The problem is that the weather is a major variable. You can spend a lot of money dragging your boat down to the keys and potentially not get to fish the whole time your there.  We have a great fishery right here in Martin and Saint Lucie County. I think I may stay right here at home next year. Out of the seven days I spent in the keys this year, I was able to fish a day and half.................. Here is my catch.

Crew Joel Teague
          Arden Miller
          Charles Lewis

Friday, June 7, 2013

Stoolie dolphin found 11 miles out of Stuart florida. Fishing report for 06/07/2013. Saint lucie inlet

Dr. Adam Kurtin found a nice size school of dolphin out of Saint Lucie inlet on 06/07/2013. Dr. Kurtin, in his thirty foot Grady white, ran east until he found a nice weed line. There he trolled, using ballyhoo with skirts and his brand new teaser. once he landed several fish and the school had surrounded him, he began catching them with cut bait and lures. Great job!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

10/06/2012 st lucie inlet fishing report in stuart florida

We stopped by the Snook Nook and picked up some chum and a new cast net. After making quick work at filling the bait well with nice finger mullet at the boat ramp, we headed east out the inlet.  We picked up our first dolphin in 79ft of water. As soon as the dolphin showed up they disappeared. Then we pushed out to 250ft where we found gigantic weed mats. There were dolphin and tripletails everywhere but we had trouble keeping the bait away from the spade fish and other fish. Using various techniques, were able to get 3 more dolphin and a nice keeper tripletail. Great day on the water!
Joel Teague
Charlie Lewis


Gigantic weed mats

Kevin's first Dolphin. Great work Kevin!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fishing report stuart florida. Saint lucie Inlet 7/1/2012

I got a late start this morning, didn’t hit the water till 8:30. I ran all the way to the power plant looking for bait. After getting a few Greenies off the boils, I headed offshore. I found a nice rip in 130ft of water. I saw some birds doing the dolphin flutter so I cruised over to investigate. Dolphin swam right up to the boat. The bull hit the greenie and dinner was on the table. Good day on the water.